NEWS: 2019-7-31

Z O Tha Lone Wolf

@​everyone The Wednesday meeting went well. Was great to hear from everyone that attended. Hopefully more can join next time. Wo…

NEWS: 2019-7-29

Mark advertise the RBE

@​everyone We have the second global meeting in english this coming Wednesday at 21UTC on TeamSpeak. We recommend that tho…

NEWS: 2019-7-27

Mark advertise the RBE

We held a very constructive monthly assembly today July Saturday 27 2019. Please read the progress reports in the minutes…

NEWS: 2019-7-23


Putting here by recommendation from @jeukku… AND NOW…… drumroll THIS! (just because …

NEWS: 2019-7-13

Mark advertise the RBE

We have a new New Human Rights Movement website catalizing a paradigm shift to a post-trade world:…

NEWS: 2019-7-11

Der Link

TZM Sweden made it into the local newspaper while being interviewed by the city during the third Zeitgeist European Meet-Up. (Article is …

NEWS: 2019-7-7

jeukku (Juuso V)

The European meeting continued with a few more people, sightseeing, more informal discussions and partying. I’m in awe how wise a…

NEWS: 2019-7-4

jeukku (Juuso V)

The European meeting in Sweden is going great. There have been organized discussions on topics work, agriculture, education and c…

NEWS: 2019-7-2


On Friday, 12 July we are going to have our first “wake up call day”. On this day we want to get the message of a post scarcity society out t…

NEWS: 2019-6-29


Hello @​everyone ,

We have now removed the country specific voice channels and narrowed it down to 1-3 multipurpose voice channels pe…

NEWS: 2019-6-28

Z O Tha Lone Wolf

@​everyone Hey family just a friendly reminder of the up coming TZM Discord meeting this Saturday. You know what’s up but bring …

NEWS: 2019-6-27

Mark advertise the RBE

Another constructive global progress meeting was held yesterday on Team Speak, just as every last Wednesday of the month. I…

NEWS: 2019-6-26

jeukku (Juuso V)

@​everyone Teamspeak server password has been changed. Here is info for the connection:

Nickname or Address:…

NEWS: 2019-6-21

Mark advertise the RBE

@​everyone Remember and remind others that the Next International Teamspeak meeting will be this coming Wednesday, 26 June …

NEWS: 2019-6-19

jeukku (Juuso V)

Steps from 1 to 6 are now done. One more step we’ll have to do is reduce the amount of voice channels here.

NEWS: 2019-6-14

jeukku (Juuso V)

Steps we are going to take to reorganize this server a bit:

move text channels and voice channels to new categories based on …

NEWS: 2019-5-30

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone TZM International Teamspeak Meeting for 29 May 2019 Meeting Notes:…

NEWS: 2019-5-29


Please follow the UK chapter twitter account! We just got it going again. 😃


TROM People. Short doc…

NEWS: 2019-5-27

Mark advertise the RBE

TROM has released a wonderful clip to sow the New Human Rights Movement, TZM and the Trade-Free world!…

NEWS: 2019-5-26

Mark advertise the RBE

This Saturday monthly meeting went great with 11 attendees, including the return of experienced catalysts that had been abs…

NEWS: 2019-5-23

David Dann

I’ll be hosting the TZM International meeting next week. We invite all activists who want to touch base and share any progress they hav…

NEWS: 2019-5-22

Mark advertise the RBE

@​everyone Remember that this Saturday at 9 UTC is the next global online progress meeting. Attending at least one of the …

NEWS: 2019-5-20

Mark advertise the RBE

A webtool designed to help us construct our individual sovereignty has been launched! Please help spread the word (Raising …

NEWS: 2019-5-17

Michael Kubler

@Der Link and @Lawrence have created an amazing TZM intro video that’s only 1.5 minutes long. It should be just enough to get peopl…

NEWS: 2019-5-14

Gary Kent(NC)

@Everyone Movimiento Zeitgeist Argentina - #zday2019 “Apertura e Introducción” - Axel Castellón - “Effe…

NEWS: 2019-5-12


Had the first (since 2 years) Zeitgeist meetup with some people in Melbourne yesterday.

NEWS: 2019-4-29

Mark advertise the RBE

The global monthly Saturday meeting on discord at 9UTC went great. SUMMARY ============================================= W…

NEWS: 2019-4-26

Michael Kubler

There’s a proposal to change TZM into being focused on Content Creation…

NEWS: 2019-4-25

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone Here are the links for today’s TZM International Teamspeak Meeting:

Meeting Notes:…

NEWS: 2019-4-20

Michael Kubler

We’ve now created the #tzm_website and #tzm_survey_team channels for those interested in discussing those projects more. They are…

NEWS: 2019-4-16

Der Link

TZM Sweden did #trashtag in Stockholm, in return getting a lot of positive attention from the residents of the neighborhood. https://www….

NEWS: 2019-4-10

Michael Kubler

Please note: The live stream videos from the Argentina global 2019 Zday event have been taken down and will be soon reuploaded in …

NEWS: 2019-3-30

jeukku (Juuso V)

TZM International Discord meeting for Saturday, 30 March 2019:

Clifford gave an update of Z-Day 2020 progress and a good explana…

NEWS: 2019-3-28

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone TZM International Team Speak meeting for 27 March 2019: We had brief updates on completed ZDay events and reminders of se…

NEWS: 2019-3-25

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone Reminder - We have monthly meetings coming up this week:

On TeamSpeak this Wednesday 27 March 2019 at 21:00 UTC ht…

NEWS: 2019-3-24

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone Here are links to the unedited recordings of yesterday’s TZM Global ZDay2019 event in Buenos Ares, Argentina. The urls fo…

NEWS: 2019-3-23

jeukku (Juuso V)

Zeitgeist-Day Main Event 2020 will be hold in Reykjavík, Iceland! Make sure you don’t have any other plans at 4 July 2020 😃 Here…

NEWS: 2019-3-22

Mark advertise the RBE

Zday 2019 live streaming will start tomorrow Saturday 23rd at 14:30 UTC at these links! (Engli…

NEWS: 2019-3-21

Mark advertise the RBE

@​everyone remember that this Saturday at 9:00UTC is the monthly global Saturday meeting. Attending at least one monthly m…

NEWS: 2019-3-15

David Dann

Hey everyone, Zeitgeist Day London will be taking place tomorrow, there will be a live stream on this page starting around 12.40pm UK t…

NEWS: 2019-3-1


Greetings from Italy!

NEWS: 2019-2-28

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone International TeamSpeak Meeting for 27 February 2019

We had updates from Sean ZO from New Zealand on his upcoming album …

NEWS: 2019-2-24

Mark advertise the RBE

We had a relaxed yet interesting monthly meeting Saturday! We discussed how to easily clip documentaries in to bit-sized bi…

NEWS: 2019-2-16

David Dann

@Michael Kubler could you help put this ZDay event on the global site by any chance please? Please share @​everyone , thank you :) Inf…

NEWS: 2019-2-10

Gregorio Galati

Hello friends ! In case you are not aware already, Zday 2019 Global Event will take place in Buenos Aires , Argentina on March 23r…

NEWS: 2019-2-8

Gary Kent(NC)


NEWS: 2019-2-1

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone Next TZM Global Discord meeting will be Saturday, 23 February 2019. Meetings are open to all. Attending meetings is how …

NEWS: 2019-1-27

Mark advertise the RBE

We had a very successful meeting this Saturday with around 10 attendees. Read the minutes (notes) of the meeting to know ou…

NEWS: 2019-1-23

Mark advertise the RBE

@​everyone Everyone is invited to come and get active or share our progress and plan next actions. Meeting together inspir…

NEWS: 2019-1-17

Gary Kent(NC)

ZDay2019 Argentina Update:

NEWS: 2019-1-12

jeukku (Juuso V)

I created a Facebook page where posts will be automatically posted…

NEWS: 2019-1-3

Michael Kubler

My Zday presentation about transitioning to a post-scarcity / abundance centered socie…

NEWS: 2019-1-1

jeukku (Juuso V)

TZM newsletter - December 2018

NEWS: 2018-12-27

Gary Kent(NC)

@​everyone Here are the links from the TZM International TeamSpeak Meeting for 26 December 2018 at 21:00 UTC:

Link to past meeting…

NEWS: 2018-12-24

Mark advertise the RBE

@​everyone if you want to get active or to share our progress and plan for next actions come to either this coming Wednesda…

NEWS: 2018-12-10

Mark advertise the RBE

Trom-Jaro Linux ISO operating system was released yesterday! 😃 Thanks to Tio for his amazing work on this stuff!


NEWS: 2018-11-30

Gary Kent(NC)

Here is the audio recording of the last TZM International TeamSpeak meeting from Wednesday, 28 November 2018:…

NEWS: 2018-11-25

jeukku (Juuso V)

TZM International TeamSpeak Meeting for 28 November 2018 at 21:00 UTC

The meeting will start at 21.00 UTC on our TZM Team speak …

NEWS: 2018-11-24

Teemu K (fin)

In 2017 we did a questionnaire about the movement for TZM coordinators, here are the results (old news, but I had not shared it here…

NEWS: 2018-11-22

Mark advertise the RBE

Here is a notepad with the NHRM (TZM) Comm Protocol that empowers us as a global movement. By following the protocol everyb…

NEWS: 2018-11-19

Mark advertise the RBE

@everybody Remember this next Saturday we have a global meeting here in discord at 9:00 UTC. It is important that everybody…

NEWS: 2018-11-6

KittyZeit (Br)

NEWS: 2018-10-31

Gary Kent(NC)

Link to past meeting notes:

Links to this Meeting(31 October 2018 on TeamSpeak): ht…

NEWS: 2018-10-16

MidnightMechanic TZM last Saturday meeting posted on Facebook.…

NEWS: TZM European Meet-Up of 2019

TZM European Meet-Up of 2019 jeukku (Juuso V)

Welcome to the third Zeitgeist European Meet-Up of 2019 in Enköping, Sweden!

What is the Zeitgeist …

NEWS: 2018-10-10

jeukku (Juuso V)

A “TZM - development and news” -website was created

Not everything on this channel ( #development_a…

Date 2018-9-29

Gary Kent(NC)

TZM International Discord Meeting for 29 September 2018: Recording: To Be Added Notes for today’s meeting are here: https://etherp…

NEWS: 2018-9-26

Gary Kent(NC)

TZM International TeamSpeak Meeting for 26 September 2018 Recording of TZM TeamSpeak Meeting from 26 September 2018: Link to TeamSpe…

NEWS: 2018-9-23

Mark advertise the RBE

During the last meeting we have agreed that whoever wants to assure stable communicating with everyone both globally and lo…

NEWS: 2018-9-22

Mark advertise the RBE

We had a very productive meeting this 22 Saturday 2018. Notes and summary can be found here.…

Date 2018-9-19

Mark advertise the RBE

Most recent TZM news letter…

Becoming TZM

Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a met…

Date 2018-8-9

Teemu K (fin)

A new #scientific-articles channel is now created under Topics! You can use it so share and discuss relevant scientific literature.

Becoming TZM

Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a met…

The Scientific Worldview

Almost every major systematic error which has deluded men for thousands of years relied on practical experience. Horoscopes, incantations, oracl…