NEWS: 2019-1-17
January 17, 2019
Gary Kent(NC) ZDay2019 Argentina Update: Read more
NEWS: 2019-1-12
January 12, 2019
jeukku (Juuso V) I created a Facebook page where posts will be automatically posted Read more
NEWS: 2019-1-3
January 3, 2019
Michael Kubler My Zday presentation about transitioning to a post-scarcity / abundance centered socie... Read more
NEWS: 2019-1-1
January 1, 2019
jeukku (Juuso V) TZM newsletter - December 2018 Read more
NEWS: 2018-12-27
December 27, 2018
Gary Kent(NC) @​everyone Here are the links from the TZM International TeamSpeak Meeting for 26 December 2018 at 21:00 UTC: Link to past meeting... Read more
NEWS: 2018-12-24
December 24, 2018
Mark advertise the RBE @​everyone if you want to get active or to share our progress and plan for next actions come to either this coming Wednesda... Read more
NEWS: 2018-12-10
December 10, 2018
Mark advertise the RBE Trom-Jaro Linux ISO operating system was released yesterday! 😃 Thanks to Tio for his amazing work on this stuff! https://w... Read more
NEWS: 2018-11-30
November 30, 2018
Gary Kent(NC) Here is the audio recording of the last TZM International TeamSpeak meeting from Wednesday, 28 November 2018: Read more
NEWS: 2018-11-25
November 25, 2018
jeukku (Juuso V) TZM International TeamSpeak Meeting for 28 November 2018 at 21:00 UTC The meeting will start at 21.00 UTC on our TZM Team speak ... Read more
NEWS: 2018-11-24
November 24, 2018
Teemu K (fin) In 2017 we did a questionnaire about the movement for TZM coordinators, here are the results (old news, but I had not shared it here... Read more
NEWS: 2018-11-22
November 22, 2018
Mark advertise the RBE Here is a notepad with the NHRM (TZM) Comm Protocol that empowers us as a global movement. By following the protocol everyb... Read more
NEWS: 2018-11-19
November 19, 2018
Mark advertise the RBE @everybody Remember this next Saturday we have a global meeting here in discord at 9:00 UTC. It is important that everybody... Read more
NEWS: 2018-11-6
November 6, 2018
KittyZeit (Br) Read more
NEWS: 2018-10-31
October 31, 2018
Gary Kent(NC) Link to past meeting notes: Links to this Meeting(31 October 2018 on TeamSpeak): ht... Read more
NEWS: 2018-10-16
October 16, 2018
MidnightMechanic TZM last Saturday meeting posted on Facebook. Read more
NEWS: TZM European Meet-Up of 2019
October 16, 2018
TZM European Meet-Up of 2019 jeukku (Juuso V) Welcome to the third Zeitgeist European Meet-Up of 2019 in Enköping, Sweden! What is the Zeitgeist ... Read more
NEWS: 2018-10-10
October 10, 2018
jeukku (Juuso V) A “TZM - development and news” -website was created Not everything on this channel ( #development_a... Read more
Date 2018-9-29
September 29, 2018
Gary Kent(NC) TZM International Discord Meeting for 29 September 2018: Recording: To Be Added Notes for today’s meeting are here: https://etherp... Read more
NEWS: 2018-9-26
September 26, 2018
Gary Kent(NC) TZM International TeamSpeak Meeting for 26 September 2018 Recording of TZM TeamSpeak Meeting from 26 September 2018: Link to TeamSpe... Read more
NEWS: 2018-9-23
September 23, 2018
Mark advertise the RBE During the last meeting we have agreed that whoever wants to assure stable communicating with everyone both globally and lo... Read more
NEWS: 2018-9-22
September 22, 2018
Mark advertise the RBE We had a very productive meeting this 22 Saturday 2018. Notes and summary can be found here. Read more
Date 2018-9-19
September 19, 2018
Mark advertise the RBE Most recent TZM news letter Read more
Date 2018-8-9
August 9, 2018
Teemu K (fin) A new #scientific-articles channel is now created under Topics! You can use it so share and discuss relevant scientific literature. Read more